• Ten-hole organic golf course at Kobaldhof

    In front of the impressive Dachstein mountains

Golfen in Ramsau am Dachstein

The world’s first organic golf course is bringing chemical free to Ramsau am Dachstein

Ramsau am Dachstein invites you to tee off at the world’s first organic golf course, opened at Kobaldhof in 2007. For golfers, this convincing innovation scores a hole in one, with Olympic champion Felix Gottwald teeing off at the new golf course’s inauguration.

Golf enthusiasts can now practice their favourite sport in a chemical-free environment. The organically managed golf facility is a novelty in sports: the three-hectare course is maintained exclusively according to the strict criteria of organic farming, so there are none of the chemical and synthetic fertilisers and pesticides you find on most courses.

“We offer fellow golf enthusiasts a golf course that has not been created by chemicals and diggers, but it is completely natural and organically fertilised. Outdoor sports should be enjoyed in a natural environment, and that’s what we offer. The organic golf course with lengths from 90 to 280 metres is also ideal for beginners”, says Roland Tritscher, organic farmer and operator of the golf course, explaining why he set up the ecological facility with driving range, putting green and ten-hole organic golf course.

Resigning from all chemical and synthetic fertilisers and pesticides attests to fairness and sportsmanship regarding environmental and groundwater protection. It also proves that ecology and sports are well compatible. Like all organic operations, the organic golf course is examined carefully and certified by an authorised, independent third party.

Even visitors without club membership or minimum-handicap beginners and advanced golfers can enjoy this unique experience. Rental golf clubs, trainer and very reasonable green fees make trying golf at Kobaldhof a very tempting option.

For more informaiton visit: www.kobaldhof.at