New climbing trail in the Silberkarklamm: “Rosina”

The climbing trail Rosina is the most challenging climbing trail in the Silberkarklamm. You will find a great view over the surrounding mountains. There are no walking trails or spaces to rest in-between so you will need stamina in your arms. The combination of the three climbing trails Hias, Rosina and Siega is a perfect half day program, which finds its conclusion in the cosy Silberkarhütte.


After you pass by the climbing trail “Hias”, it is another 5 minutes’ walk. There you will find the next rope bridge, which leads to the access of the climbing trail “Rosina”.


Cross the rope bridge to the steep rock wall on the other side of the stream. For a detailed description, you can find the history of the route below.


From the end of the climbing trail it is about a 15 minutes’ walk on an upward path until you come to a hiking trail. From there you can walk to the Silberkarhütte, the climbing trail Siega or walk back to the car park.


Some parts are D and very persistent but mainly C/D! It is comparable to the climbing trail Hias but as there are no spaces to rest, this climbing trail is classified much more serious.


Quelle & Topo: www.bergsteigen.com


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